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Upgrading MediaWiki

It was time to do a minor upgrade to my wiki. I documented the steps within the wiki, so i have them for later.

The proces was not as simple as I had hoped. I was plagued with a 500 Internal Server error a few times. I suspect it was related to the URL rewriting (to get the short urls), though I am not entirely sure. My vagueness is because I tried a few things to solve / diagnose the problem, and then decided to avoid the issue by going back to long URLs, because I knew they worked.  But when I switched the site live, I somehow copied an older .htaccess file over, and everythign ran AND I had short URLs. I know, I should have gone back, and traced own the problem, but I am under a bit of a time crunch on some contacts and if the wiki was working, that is good enough for me. It may rear its head and bite me at some point - I will deal with it then.

I had skipped a minor patch, otherwise I think i would have tried the 'patch' rather than the full source upgrade technique. Maybe next time. 



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